My name is Dylan Moya, above all things I am a father of 4 and a husband of almost 10 years. I began my plumbing career at the age of 18 shortly after having my first born. I started in the Plumbing industry in 2010 as an apprentice plumber with no prior knowledge about the trade or lifestyle that I was getting myself into. I was promoted to a service technician after 8 months and struggled for a couple years with balancing my new skills and the long hours. I was focused on all the wrong things about being a service and repair plumber. What I did learn in those years of struggle was the amount of work it takes to be the best. I slowly pulled out from the trenches and started to outwork everyone to become a top performer for my company.  After several years of turning the corner and becoming a top Senior Technician in the Company I was given the opportunity to be a Channel Leader.

As a Channel leader I was able to produce 1.7 million in the first fiscal year, following that I was able to increase my sales up to 3 million dollars that year. During this time I broke down the sales process and lead turn over process in order to build multiple successful sales teams. This would allow all technicians no matter their experience level to make a great living as a plumber.  This is the process that I will be bringing around the county. Less is more!!! 

I am truly excited for this next chapter, to be able to train SPARTANS around the country to help you and your family.