I want to thank you. I started selling HVAC in November of 2019 as a back up sales guy while I ran the service department for my company. I filled in as needed, and turned out I was slightly above average at it. Since November we have cycled through 4 or 5 different sales guys and I have not been the primary sales rep until this summer started.

Before meeting you I had a decent closing average at about 50% and an average ticket of about 15500. Since meeting with you, and watching you deliver excellent service and staying in the batters box, while maintaining professionalism and utmost care for your clients…. I now know that there is so much room for growth for me.

After your visit, my life will be forever changed. You have unlocked my inner Spartan, and taught me how to take control over my future and my income. You taught me to stay at bat, be more thorough, more show more dough, and many more lessons that has allowed me a closing percentage since you left of 65% making my yearly average weighted at 54.5%. My average ticket since your training is now 19465 and weighted at 16683 for the year.

The crazy part of all of this, is that I have attended many trainings in my first year as an adviser. Not a single person in the industry has changed my game to the same level.

In my first year of sales (not operating as a primary producer, I am over 2m as of November 1st, 2020. I cannot thank you enough. My wife cannot thank you enough. My kids are now going to experience a whole new way of life because of you.

I have been inspired by you to pay it forward.

Thanks a million,

Devon Harrison
DS Heating and Air