Episode #116- JayDubMoneyMaker

HVAC Masters Of The Hustle is happy to have JayDub educate you on this episode on how to be Successful in Summer because Summer is here. On this Podcast Jdub sticking to a process and talks about the importance of not taking away from it. The Importance of establishing a budget and when to get the budget out of a Client. It is also important to check boxes before going to the next steps, what boxes should YOU check, how do YOU check those boxes before moving to the next steps? Lastly Jdub has the opportunity to be in Vegas in Sept for Joe Crisara event, October in Vegas for Service Hero event with Victor and Grant Cardone and lastly Jdubs event he is trowing Nov 11-12th in Vacaville Ca with the Legend Weldon Long!!!!!! Hit me up for more details!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!